Friday, September 27, 2013

Being a healthy college student = hard

Well I'm sure all of you have heard of the freshman fifteen? Well at ASU they say it's tough to gain those fifteen pounds considering you walk up and down hundreds of steps multiple times a day. But being healthy in college is tough. I have a meal plan but they offer more unhealthy food than they do healthy food in the dining hall. I can only deal with eating salad so many times a week especially when I can go grab a chickfila sandwich and waffle fries just as easy. There is also a grocery store on campus and a organic grocery store in walking distance. But, what college student is able to afford the organic store or the grocery store on campus. I mean $6 for a box of cereal is ridiculous. So of course I'm on a tight budget and stick to 20 cent ramen noodles and $1.00 boxes of macaroni and cheese. My room is slam packed with crackers, tater chips, ramen, Mac and cheese, cookies, everything unhealthy lol. Eating all this food would probably be okay if I could exercise the way I need to. My dorm is located directly next to two gyms. But I never have the time to go to one. So my goal is to make time. A lot of us usually use the excuse "I don't have time" when in reality you do you just have to make time. My goal is to exercise 2 days during the week and 2 times every weekend. Hopefully I can maintain my weight or maybe even loose some weight. Lord knows I'll need to if I keep eating all this junk food.

- Hayley 


  1. I remember those "freshman 15" when I started college! Actually, I had also started working at Chickfila so I think that was a contributing factor. Hang in there! You have a lot on your plate! (no pun intended)